Coronavirus Update

Antagrade Electrical is closely monitoring developments relating to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Information provided by the Government, NHS and the World Health Organisation has been issued to our people to provide guidance on the virus. This information includes details of the potential risks of the virus, its symptoms and the precautions that can be taken in order to stay safe and healthy.

Some of our people continue to work on-site, with others working from home, to support our clients with their commitment to maintaining the UK’s transport infrastructure. All on-site works that are delivered are performed in accordance with Government guidelines and in discussion with our clients. Working practices have been adapted to protect our people, their families, our clients and the wider public. Additional resources have been supplied to teams ensuring compliance with Public Health England guidelines.

Antagrade Electrical will continue to evaluate the situation and coordinate official information and advice to assist our businesses to develop its plans to protect our people and to maintain continuity of operations for our clients.

We will continue to update our people as information becomes available.

Neil Edwards – Managing Director Transport Division