Wessex Controlled Motorised Shorting Devices

Outline and detailed design, installation, testing and commissioning

Antagrade were engaged for the Grip 4 and Grip 5 design elements of the Network Rail ‘Smarter Isolations’ project.

This project will provide swifter and safer isolations of the third rail in DC electrified areas, increasing both operational safety and the working time available during possessions.

As part of this project over 200 Circuit Main shorting devices will be required to be installed at 43 sites throughout Wessex. Antagrade are applying their extensive experience and playing a key part in the design and integration of this new equipment with the wide variety of existing equipment in service in the Wessex area.

Project deliverables include both Form A and B electrical and civil designs based on preliminary and detailed site surveys.

As part of this project the full suite of design, installation and testing deliverables is provided in-house by our own design team, including:

  • Design System Block Diagrams
  • Operations Diagrams
  • Amendments to Comprehensive Track Diagrams
  • Modified Conductor Rail Drawings
  • Protection Calculations
  • LV Schematics
  • Inspection and Test Plans
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