Channel Tunnel Rail Link

Antagrade successfully completed the Channel Tunnel Rail Link (CTRL) Project 434 in and around Ashford.

This covered the installation, testing and commissioning of 33kV AC and 750 Volt DC Switchgear, Transformers and Rectifiers, battery chargers and negative busbars. The associated SCADA system and pilot cables as well as works on 25kV OHLE isolators were also included.

This contract required detailed planning for critical work in possessions including temporary and stage works to enable Eurostar to provide normal services between each stage. The work was carried out successfully with no possessions overruns and completed to critical timescales and within budget.

This work was a key aspect of the overall success of the project.

Extensive ETE were installed including:

  • Over 27km of DC track feeder cable;
  • 6.5km of track bonding cable;
  • Over 9km of 33kV cable.
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