Manchester Metrolink, Phase 1 to Present Day

Manchester’s Metrolink light rail system was commissioned in 1992 running from Bury in the North to Altrincham in the South via the City Centre with a spur to Piccadilly main line station.

Antagrade provided site installation management and installed the complete fixed traction power supply equipment at twelve substations form the 6.6kV or 11kV incoming supply to the 750VDC traction output to the OLE.

Our scope of work included installation and jointing of the underground cables in the City Centre and trackside cables elsewhere together with the traction current return bonding.

Building on our involvement on the initial Manchester Metrolink construction we have provided technical services throughout the construction and integration of the tram system’s great expansion.

From the site management and pre commissioning of new modular substations and Track Paralleling Huts to the reconfiguration of the existing traction power system to allow reinforcement and reconfiguration Antagrade’s expertise has been utilised throughout the project.

Our successfully completed works include:

  • The relocation of spare equipment including Transformer Rectifier units and circuit breakers and its integration design and installation at a key system section to allow traction power supplies to be connected to a new depot facility.
  • Taking delivery and Pre-commissioning of new modular substations and TPH to reinforce power supplies to the existing system and for the Phase 3 extension itself.
  • Protection system works including the design, installation and commissioning of a new Hard Wire Mass Trip system
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