Docklands Light Railway First Phase to Present Day

Involved from the initial construction of Dockland’s Light Railway where Antagrade project managed and installed the fixed power supply system and cabling for GEC, including part of the Brecknell Willis third rail, we have since played a key role in the development of the tram system.

Antagrade have also prepared tender specifications covering power system reinforcement which included additional 11KV switchgear, additional 750V DC switchgear and transformer rectifier sets.

For over 20 years we are proud to have provided expertise in the design, supply and installation of the upgrades including:

  • DC negative reinforcement
  • System mass trip
  • Falling voltage protection
  • Equipment/Substation earthing and bonding
  • Equipment monitoring
  • Motorised track isolation
  • Local control panel modifications
  • Track negative bonding
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